Living Anatomy - An Interactive Muscle Review Day - Online

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Do you need to 'brush up' on your muscle knowledge? Or gain a much better understanding of the muscles & how they work? This interactive online muscle revision course will benefit Massage Therapists (& students), Yoga & Pilates teachers, Fitness Instructors & Trainers.

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Accredited CPD

This six hour course (3 weekly sessions x 2 hours) delivered via Zoom focuses on learning or brushing up on your identification of muscles in an applied 'hands on' way:

Course Dates 2022 (you must be available for all 3 sessions):

Monday 13th June - 10am to Midday

Monday 20th June - 10am to Midday

Monday 27th June - 10am to Midday

The sessions will be a really intersting & enjoyable hands-on identification of muscles in action!, Using demonstration and interactive coaching, along with a range of on-screen visual aids - so no laborious memorising of muscles from text books or charts!

We'll cover 40 main muscles/ muscle groups (and look briefly at a dozen others). You'll be doing this on your own body (through clothing). There will be a maximum of 11 people in the online group so that Darien can give individual attention to each person.

The first session looks at the main bones and the logic of muscle shapes and actions to understand how they work on the bones. We'll identify a number of arm and leg muscles that demonstrate this in action.

The second session covers the rest of the limb muscles, including those that connect the arms and legs to the trunk.

The third session covers the other main muscles of the trunk, and those in the neck and head.

We'll initially locate muscles (or muscles groups) separately. Then we'll consider (and feel) how they work with the other muscles in the same area and their common role/s in everyday living. We'll also look at exercises that could be used to stretch or strengthen the muscle/s.

At the end of each session there will be a 15 minute mini-session for participants who do massage - to look at the most effective massage techniques for the muscles covered

Course Tutor: Darien Pritchard has four decades of experience as a bodyworker and massage trainer, including teaching on a university degree course, and has written two massage textbooks. He is qualified in the Feldenkrais Method® of movement awareness, and has also been inspired by yoga, Tai Chi and creative movement/dance. Over the past year, Darien has gained considerable experience in teaching physical activity online (via Zoom) by leading four weekly Stretch and Strengthen classes and other short courses


"I loved these Zoom sessions.  I found them informative, accessible and focused. Having tried hard to learn anatomy from pictures and tables in books I found that either I couldn’t retain the information or thought of muscles very two dimensionally.  Darien brought anatomy to life in an interesting and engaging way.  By finding muscles on my own body and learning and feeling how they worked in action I’ve been able retain the information and then translate that on to my clients.  My massage practice has improved because of this, I’m now able to have more educated conversations using the muscles proper names and being able to explain how they work.  As a fairly new therapist I’ve felt embarrassed and insecure by my lack of knowledge.  Under Darien’s kind and inclusive tutorage, I have found that my confidence and knowledge has improved significantly" Helen J 2021