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Advanced Massage

Covid19 Update

Our face to face courses below have been temporarily suspended due to COVID19 & will resume when the situation is safe.

In the meantime we are running a few online courses & you can find out more here: Online Courses

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Our Advanced Massage Courses:

  • Hands Free Massage (2 days) - with Darien Prichard
  • Understanding & Treating Neck Pain - with Joanne Perkins
  • Myofascial Release - with Joanne Perkins
  • Kinesio Taping for Sports & Massage Therapists - with Joanne Perkins
  • Understanding Lower Back Pain & Sciatica - with Joanne Perkins
  • Soft Cupping Massage - with Michele Broom
  • Releasing The Neck - with Darien Pritchard
  • Freeing The Shoulders - with Darien Pritchard
  • Releasing The Lower Back - with Darien Pritchard
  • Living Anatomy - with Darien Pritchard
  • Rocking The Body - Rolling The Limbs - With Darien Pritchard
Also open to qualified Massage Therapists:
  • Indian Head Massage


How to choose the right advanced massage course for you:

Our Advanced Massage courses are taught by Darien Pritchard & Joanne Perkins (Reg. Osteopath)

Which Tutor/Course will be the right Advanced Massage Course For You?

Darien Pritchard: is an experienced Massage Therapist who has been teaching for over 25 years. Darien’s courses address specific areas & will teach you general & very effective advanced and deep tissue techniques that you will be able to use for clients with accumulated & tender muscle tension. Darien's courses will extend you comfortably beyond the skills you learned on your level 3/4 Massage course & make you a more effective massage therapist

Joanne Perkins: is a Reg. Osteopath who integrates advanced massage techniques & other therapy disciplines into her practice. Jo’s courses (for therapists with Level 3+ training) are a little more advanced and tend to focus on specific conditions that affect specific areas of the body e.g. Sciatica, whiplash etc. You will learn about various conditions, how they happen & what you can do safely as a Massage Therapist to help, you will learn new & effective techniques. If you are newly qualified with little or no hands-on experience, then Joanne’s course may be a little advanced for you, however if you are not newly qualified & treat clients regularly you will find these courses invaluable & fascinating – please do give us a call to discuss if you’re unsure about which course to choose.

Training Vouchers - £20.00 gift vouchers are available - call 07507337621

Prerequisites for our courses: We have a really interesting range of Massage Courses - All listed below - for qualified therapists who wish to advance and enhance their effectiveness as Massage Therapists - all accredited with the Federation of Holistic Therapists - All you need to join any of these courses to improve your skills is a Level 3 (minimum) Body Massage course that met National Occupation Standards - e.g. VTCT, ITEC, City & Guilds, MTI or a college course that had been externally accredited as meeting those all important National Occupational Standards. Important note: If you did a short course - just a few days - it's unlikely that it will have equipped you with the required skills to join one of our courses but if in doubt do give us a call for a chat - Telephone 029 20 591118