Black Friday 2017 - 10% Discount

23 November 2017

It's Black Friday again so here's our offer:

10% off until midnight tomorrow (in addition to your loyalty discount if you have one) The discount will be applied to the amount you pay so if you only pay a deposit the discount will only be applied to this - whereas if you pay in full you'll get 10% off the full course fee (Select the amount + the discount will be applied before your card is charged) + if you don't know what you want to do yet then you can get 10% OFF our Training Vouchers too - Plese note this discount won't apply to Bellabaci or Providing Therapies in the Healcare Sector as these re not our courses - this offer starts now & expires at midnight tomorrow 24th November so don't miss the chance to make a great saving on your training next year

Vouchers - call us on 029 20 591118 to purchase or send your payment via PayPal to BEFORE midnight on 24/11/17

1 Voucher (value £20.00) = £18.00

2 Vouchers (value £40.00) = £36.00

3 Vouchers (value £60.00) = £54.00

4 Vouchers (value £80.00) = £72.00

If you have any questions just call us on 029 20 591118