On Site/Seated Acupressure Massage

On Site/Seated Acupressure Massage
29/02/20 & 01/03/20
29th Feb 2020

This is a MUST-HAVE therapy if you are looking to do corporate work/festivals etc. - a growing area of therapy work


Prerequisite: You must have a minimum Level 3 body massage certificate i.e. swedish, holistic, aromatherapy or sports massage

10 CPD Points

The massage is performed with the client fully dressed and sitting in a lightweight chair - treatment can be from just a few minutes to half an hour or more depending on the situation and the client. This is a very versatile and effective massage skill and can open up many opportunities for you
On-site massage (seated acupressure) combines techniques taken from shiatsu (acupressure), Swedish & Advanced massage. The result is a unique massage experience that can be both invigorating and energising and thoroughly relaxing both mentally and physically. You will learn techniques to relax and soothe your client yet refresh them ready for a day at the office

On Site massage is performed with the client fully clothed using a massage chair – the perfect therapy for corporate work.

We will cover:
•    The History and Origins of On Site  Massage
•    Choosing suitable massage chairs
•    On site (seated acupressure) massage techniques 
•    Acupressure points and their relevance
•    Benefits of On Site Massage, especially for stress relief
•    Contraindications - when not to treat
•    After care advice 
•    A short routine and longer 30 minute routine

On Site Massage is  2 day course and practitioner certificates are awarded upon successful completion of your case studies as below, plus some coursework to be completed at home. 

At the end of day 2 you will be required to take a short written and practical assessment to ensure your competency before commencing your case studies.

Case Studies: Further practice will be required in the form of 10 case studies (10 separate individuals treated just once - five single treatments for relaxation and five single treatments for invigoration). Your tutor will be on hand to provide any support and answer questions during this period.

A comprehensive On Site Massage course manual covering the contents of the entire weekend will be supplied for future reference.

How to Pay Your Deposit - click the drop down arrow next to the Pay Now button to select this option - the remaining course fee is payable one month before the course date. If you'd prefer to pay over the phone call us during office hours on 029 20 591118



"What a great weekend - an excellent mix of serious learning in a fun and stress-free environment created by Michele's personality which kept everything friendly and informative" DT 2014

" excellent course with a good balance of practical & theory; fantastic experience" EC 2014

"10/10 for Michele who was very open about her experience and gave useful advice on approaching corporate clients"
"excellent course and great fun! really enjoyed it, thank you"

"If you’re wondering what course to do with Teach Therapy I can really recommend doing On-Site Massage. I finished the course last November and decided to invest in top of the range chair (£500 = wince) which then paid for itself by Christmas! The tutor, Michele Broom, was fantastic and gave great advice for stepping into the world of corporate massage :)" Sarah H 2011

Course Hours:
9.30am to 5.30/6pm
Holiday Inn Express,
Lakeside Drive,
NP10 8BD
(The venue is just 2 minutes off the M4 at junction 28 - Free all-day parking)
Course Tutor:
Michele Broom
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