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Baby & Maternity

Offering holistic treatments during a womans pregnancy and also infant massage instruction is a very special field to work in but it is vitaly important to ensure you have the right training.

Upcoming Courses

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Accredited Courses

All of our courses are fully accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists – The UK’s largest Professional Association for practising Complementary Health Therapists

Entry Requirements

To attend any of these courses you must have a minimum nationally recognised level 3 reflexology or body massage qualification such as Swedish Massage, Sports, Aromatherapy

Course Audience

Massage Therapists, Reflexologists - also open to osteopaths, chiropractors etc.


Holiday Inn Express, Lakeside Drive, Newport, NP10 8BB

Course Tutors

Our Baby & Maternity courses are taught by 

Darien Pritchard

Darien Pritchard has been a body-worker for over four decades. He trained massage professionals for 25 years, and has taught Professional Development courses for massage practitioners since the early 1990s. He is writing a book on Hands Free Massage and is preparing new editions of the student text Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Massage (2001/04) and his career-maintenance reference book Delivering Effective, Strain-Free Massage (2007)

Darien has been a pioneer in focusing on the practitioner’s bodyuse as an integral part of massage training in the UK. He pioneered ‘Hands Free’ Massage – the skilful, sensitive use of the forearms and elbows to save the practitioner’s hands. Darien has also been developing RhythmMobility® bodywork in his practice since the 1980s. He combined and extended elements of massage and the Feldenkrais Method® with his love of rhythm (enhanced through dancing and playing music).

Sue Croft

 I am Sue Croft. I have been a registered Osteopath for 20 years. I ran my own practice for 15 years in London. In 2018 I moved to Swansea to work full time as a lecturer in osteopathy. I teach both Anatomy & Physiology, practical skills and lead the Biomechanics module. Outside of Osteopathy I am an English Channel swimmer and spend a lot of time swimming in the sea. Because of my background in endurance sports, I am an Injury prevention coach and have coached at various training camps around the world. I work very much on a stop problems happening in the first place.

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