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Hands Free Massage

Are you having problems with your hands – or want to avoid reaching this stage!

About this Course

Basic Hands Free Massage – 2 day workshop

This course taught by Darien Pritchard is designed to help massage practitioners who are new to Hands Free massage to save their fingers, thumbs and wrists (the most common areas of strain for practitioners) while applying firm pressure – You will learn new effective skills that can be integrated into your massage sessions.

Don’t wait for the first signs of injury or strain – act now – Give your hands a holiday and save your career!

Course Duration

2 Days

Entry Requirements

To attend you must have a minimum nationally recognised level 3 body massage qualification such as Swedish Massage, Sports, Aromatherapy

Course Audience

Massage Therapists
Remedial & Sports Therapists
Also open to Osteopaths & Chiropractors.


Holiday Inn Express, Lakeside Drive, Newport, NP10 8BB

Enrollment & Tuition


Points Awarded

10 CPD Points


This 2 day workshop introduces participants to the concepts of Hands Free Massage, and gives them the practical skills for using the soft forearm for broad sliding pressure strokes on the client’s back and on the limbs. These skills can easily be incorporated into familiar massage routines. You’ll learn firm, sweeping strokes and more specific work for the back, the arms and the legs

Unfortunately, because the forearms are such powerful massage tools, it’s too easy to brutalise clients by using them without skill or sensitivity. Therefore, this course focuses on HOW you use them. It covers:

  • Learning how to feel with the forearm – in order to monitor and adapt to the client’s responses
  • How to moderate the pressure applied
  • How to blend these techniques smoothly into massage sessions
  • How to support this with good body-use rather than working too hard with your arms and shoulders

The course includes a short introduction to the other main Hands Free Massage tools – the ulna (the ‘hard forearm’) and elbow tools – which are used to save the thumbs and fist in specific pressure techniques. 

Darien Pritchard has been using his forearms and elbows for 25 years (without which he would have been unable to sustain his career). He was particularly inspired by receiving deep tissue and Hawaiian massage treatments, and adapted these massage ‘tools’ to deliver ‘Swedish Massage-style’ and deep tissue massage techniques. He began calling it Hands-Free Massage when he started teaching it as a separate course 16 years ago.

In addition to the course booklet all students will access to an online video tutorial covering the techniques taught by Darien

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Course Tutors

Darien Pritchard

Darien Pritchard has been a body-worker for over four decades. He trained massage professionals for 25 years, and has taught Professional Development courses for massage practitioners since the early 1990s. He is writing a book on Hands Free Massage and is preparing new editions of the student text Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Massage (2001/04) and his career-maintenance reference book Delivering Effective, Strain-Free Massage (2007)

Darien has been a pioneer in focusing on the practitioner’s bodyuse as an integral part of massage training in the UK. He pioneered ‘Hands Free’ Massage – the skilful, sensitive use of the forearms and elbows to save the practitioner’s hands. Darien has also been developing RhythmMobility® bodywork in his practice since the 1980s. He combined and extended elements of massage and the Feldenkrais Method® with his love of rhythm (enhanced through dancing and playing music).

What Our Graduates Have To Say

"I learnt loads - I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to enhnce their massage - and of course to save their hands!" Gaye W 2019
"A fantastic course! more than just Hands-Free, the course covers body movement, positioning, self-care and creative experimentation" 2019
"Very useful skills gained to prolong my career & work better with my own body-use" Diane R 2019
"much more indepth, detailed & specific than I anticipated" 2019
"I wish I had this knowledge from the very start of my massage career" Charlotte B 2019
"I have learnt a lot to take away to add into my massage routine, can't wait to get started" Sally W 2019
"This course has been the most valuable of all for my career. Being able to save my hands is going to enable me to prolong my passion as a therapist. My favourite part was the ability to save my hands on the feet - my thumbs will be eternally grateful!" Caitlin S 2018
"I found this course engaging, thought-provoking & practice-changing! Darien is an excellent teacher - funny, practical, attentive& has a beautiful concept of what massage is & what it has the potential to be. This practice is natural & fluid - Thank you!" KMcD March 2015
"Found Dariens approach very helpful, constant feedback, pointers, repetition and recapping - loved the course even with my limited experience. I have learned a lot and will change my practice - I didn't feel out of place and Dariens approach encouraged me greatly - thank you" LR March 2015
"Excellent course, Reached & Exceeded my expectations. Good hands-on and well explained. Plenty to work on" CW March 2015
"As an Osteopath the course offered very beneficial techniques when treating soft tissue - I would recommend this course to any other osteopath"
"Really inspirational massage, amazing course, my clients will really benefit. Darien is a really knowledgeable, funny & thorough tutor, Fab thank you"
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