Releasing The Neck

Releasing The Neck
9th Sep 2022

Would you love to learn some really effective new massage techniques for the neck?

This course will cover firm, advanced massage and mobilising techniques for the neck which will be invaluable new skills for practising Massage Therapists

We will look at ways of releasing accumulated tension in the neck and mobilising it with the client supine. Techniques covered range from gentle stretches to firm massage and a variety of neck mobilisations. We’ll also look at relevant exercises to offer your clients for self-maintenance


Please note - due to this tutor's health you will be asked to do a Lateral flow Covid-19 test the day before training & wear a mask - either Type 11R or FFP2

5 CPD Points

Prerequisite: You must have a minimum Level 3 body massage certificate i.e. swedish, holistic, aromatherapy or sports massage - Ideal CPD for therapists qualified in L3 VTCT, ITEC, C&G etc.

The theory session is interactive & incorporates a review of the main muscles of this area to gain a better understanding before the practical session. We will also look at how to mobilise & promote flexibility in the neck

During the practical session we’ll work with the client in a supine position, which enables us to work on most of the neck muscles and to do a large range of mobilising techniques.

The workshop looks at the choice of appropriate techniques for each client. There is an emphasis on good bodyuse for the practitioner, and ‘listening’ with your hands (monitoring and adapting to the client’s responses)

In addition to the course booklet all students will receive access to a video covering the techniques taught by Darien


"It was a great course - reminded of the anatomy which is not my strong point and the way Darien used the foam muscles to show the layering round the neck was very helpful to visualise the area and what we are dealing with.  Nice size class and nice people.  Very interesting and learnt plenty" Alison 2022

I have really benefited and enjoyed looking more in depth at these areas of the back.  I found the mixture of Zoom and face to face teaching really accessible, informative and enjoyable.  The quality of the instruction was exceptional. I felt that the objectives were really clear and the training was very focused. It was really helpful to get an overview of the muscle systems we would be working on and the theory behind the techniques we would be using a week before the face to face class.  This meant I had time to process the information and revisit it so that when it came to the time in class I felt better prepared and was able to grapple with the new techniques because I understood what their purpose and intent were.  This has led to be being able to almost immediately assimilate new techniques into my work. 

It has been a revelation to consider my own body positioning and posture during massage.  I had been experiencing pain and discomfort by the end of the work day and had been concerned about the impact my work was having on me.  By working more mindfully and thoughtfully regarding my own body and the message that my own posture and positioning gives my client, not only am I experiencing considerably less discomfort, but I believe the quality of my massage has improved.  

I have really benefited and  thoroughly enjoyed learning from Darien. These courses were far more than just learning a few new techniques and have changed my thought processes, improved my awareness to the presentation of my clients bodies as well as my own and opened my eyes to new possibilities.  I feel I now have a clearer idea of the kind of Massage Therapist I want to be and am excited about where this may take me. Helen J 2021

Course Hours:
9.30am to 4.30pm approx
Holiday Inn Express,
Lakeside Drive,
NP10 8BB
(Near Cardiff and just 15 minutes from the Severn Crossing. Free all-day parking)
Course Tutor:
Darien Pritchard
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