Rocking The Body - Rolling The Limbs

26th Oct 2019

When babies are upset, we stroke and rock them to calm them down. Throughout life, people continue to respond to these two basic qualities. In massage sessions, we ‘stroke’ clients. This day covers a range of rhythmical rocking and rolling techniques which deliver rhythmical movement at the massage table to counter the stiffening-up effects of today's sedentary lifestyles. 


5 CPD Points

(This course was previosly known as RhythmMobility® )

These techniques are an underused element of the massage ‘tool kit’. However, they offer an effective way of encouraging release and energising that enhances the effects of other massage techniques.

The effects can be relaxing, stimulating or both, helping clients to release tension and to regain flexibility, and delivering a feeling of enlivening the body. 
We’ll cover techniques which can be easily blended into massage treatments. As well as rocking techniques for the whole body, there will be  rhythmical stretches for the neck, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. 

Participants will be guided on how to work with the recipient’s natural body rhythms, rather than imposing an arbitrary rhythm (which can be quite jangling for the recipient).

Course Hours:
10am to 5pm
Holiday Inn Express,
Lakeside Drive,
NP10 8BB
(Caerphilly Room)
Course Tutor:
Darien Pritchard
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