Soft Cupping Massage

15th Nov 2021
21st Jan 2022

Learn how to apply Soft Cupping Massage to the whole body with no strain to your hands and wrists as you perform an incredibly deep, effective and safe treatment.

Soft Cupping explores the science of tissue gliding, traction and decompression with easy to use myofascial cups. 

Course delivery - is in line with recommended Covid19 protocols & to attend this course you must have received the Covid19 vaccination:

Practical - will be a half-day session delivered face to face on the course date at our venue in Newport where numbers will be limited & PPE will be worn.

Theory will be delivered online – you will be given access to the tutorial approx. 1 week before the practical session

To attend this course you must have received the the first dose of the COVID19 vaccine

5 CPD points

Prerequisite: Minimum level 3 Body Massage such as VTCT, ITEC, C & G, MTI

This is a therapy that you can easily blend into your massage treatments every day whatever your level & the results are excellent.

The flexibility in the range of suction one can achieve gives scope for a larger range of treatments in which cupping can be incorporated, whether it is for lymphatic drainage which requires the lightest of touch, scar softening, deep tissue massage which is astonishingly effective on stubborn areas of tension or facial rejuvenating treatments or cellulite reduction.

Because we constantly move our cups it is very unlikely that any marks will be caused - unlike traditional cupping.

Any level 3 or above  massage therapist would benefit from this simple & highly effective method taught by our tutor Michele Broom, one of a handful of tutors teaching soft cupping techniques in the UK.




"This course has exceeded my expectations - great tutor & I can't wait to put my knowledge into action!" LD Nov 2018

"Fantastic couse with so many opportunities for use - Michele taught in a style that offers so much flexibility and many uses" EC Nov 2018

"Brilliant course - great balance between theory & practical" Nov 2018


Course Hours:
You will be allocated an AM or PM session
Holiday Inn Express,
Lakeside Drive,
NP10 8BB
(Caerphilly Room)
Course Tutor:
Michele Broom