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Terms & Conditions

TEACH Therapy Ltd.


· TEACH Therapy will only award certificates on completion of the course provided the students’ knowledge, techniques and case studies (as required) are of a satisfactory standard

· All material, documentation, images and information used, referred to or issued during a course is copyright and remains the property of the tutor and / or TEACH Therapy. It may not be reproduced, copied, quoted, published, referred to, disclosed, used for teaching nor distributed in part nor in full anywhere in the world unless the prior written consent of the tutor and TEACH Therapy has been obtained. The recording of a course (or any part of a course) verbatim, by any visual or audio means is prohibited unless the written approval of TEACH Therapy and the tutor has been obtained beforehand. This course must not be copied and taught anywhere within a 60mile radius of the TEACH Therapy course venue – we will take a legal route to enforce this condition if necessary

· At Full course fees must be paid 4 weeks prior to the course date. Failure to do so may result in your place being cancelled and your booking fee being retained.

· Our Cancellation Policy:

o You can cancel your booking up to 21 days prior to the course date. Up until this point you can:

§ Transfer your booking free of charge to a future date of the same course.

§ Transfer your booking free of charge to a different course.

§ Receive a credit equivalent to the monies paid.

§ Cancel your booking. This will incur a £30.00 cancellation fee.

o If you need to cancel between 7 days and 20 days of the course date, you must contact us to let us know you cannot attend. If we manage to fill your place, you will receive a credit for the course value minus £10 administration fee. If we do not manage to reallocate your place you will receive a credit to your account minus a fee of £30.00 for one-day courses and £50.00 for two-day courses. No refunds will be given.

o Any cancellations within 7 days or non-attendance at the course will result in the full course fee being retained.

· All students agree to the high standards of behaviour, modesty and respect expected of professional therapists*. Students may be asked to remove or cover items of jewellery and tattoos of an offensive nature. Long hair may be required to be tied back.

· TEACH Therapy accepts no liability whatsoever for a student’s personal belongings or vehicles for the duration of a course

· TEACH Therapy cannot accept students with a physically contagious ailment.*

· All course fees must be paid in full before a student commences a course.

· If TEACH Therapy needs to cancel a course then a full explanation will be provided 48 hours before commencement unless the circumstances are unforeseen.

· In certain circumstances TEACH Therapy may need to change a venue. In such an event all students will be given 48 hours’ notice along with directions unless the circumstances are unforeseen.

· Students must provide a suitable contact telephone number should TEACH Therapy need to contact them beforehand.

· Students must be prepared to participate in training sessions including practicing the techniques on each other, under tutor supervision.

· Under no circumstances must the skills and techniques learned; documentation and images used and/or distributed; nor tutor advice; guidance or quotes be utilised nor interpreted in any way as part of any other course either identical or similar within a 60-mile geographic radius of this course venue. TEACH Therapy will pursue through the courts any breach or perceived breach of this clause.

· TEACH Therapy accepts no liability for any adverse physical, medical or other reaction to any product used during a training session unless liability is proved in a Court of Law. Students must notify TEACH Therapy in advance of attendance of any allergies or reactions to any products commonly used or likely to be used during alternative and complementary health practices. If such allergic reactions develop during a course, then the tutor must be informed immediately.

· A students’ participation on a course may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Principal of TEACH Therapy if found to be in contravention of the points marked with * of these conditions. In such an event no refund will be made and no certificate will be issued.

· TEACH Therapy reserves the right to (a) Provide a replacement or alternative course tutor as is deemed necessary (b) Invite independent assessors to oversee courses (c) Vary the allocation of student places on a course (d) Amend, alter and add to any course at all times whilst not detracting from the overall course aims and objectives (e) Amend course prices (f) Amend the course venue (g) Amend the course Terms & Conditions (h) Take video or photographic images of courses / students for promotional purposes

· Students must not use their attendance on a course to advertise, sell, promote, demonstrate or endorse any product, business or service. *

· TEACH Therapy accepts no liability whatsoever for a students’ employment or interpretation of techniques taught during courses when the course has ended.

· Students must not permit mobile phones (or any other device) to interrupt lessons.

· TEACH Therapy accepts no responsibility for issues relating to hotel (or other) accommodation used by a student / tutor prior to or during a course.

· TEACH Therapy accepts no responsibility for any journeys, howsoever taken, to or from a course unless specifically arranged by TEACH Therapy

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